How Much Do Office Fit Outs Cost?

An office fit out is very different from a residential renovation project. And when it comes to costs, there really is no definitive answer. This is because there are a number of variables in commercial fit outs.

While it’s true that an office fit out can be an expensive venture, having a better and clearer understanding of the actual costs involved can prove to be beneficial while navigating these waters. Choosing the right contractors, designs and materials for the job at the outset can help avoid excessive cost variations along the way. Not only will this ensure that the project is completed within the expected time frame, but it also won’t go over budget.

Services Required in Fit-Outs

Gain a better understanding about the fit-out process. Depending on the nature of the project, some of the services and trades that you are likely to engage include:

Demolition and masonry
Electrical and plumbing
Carpentry and joinery
Waterproofing and plastering
Flooring and tiling
Furniture supply
Air conditioning
Interior designing services

You also need to hire a fit out expert who would work out the scope of the project. They will have discussions with you and create detailed plans. However, there are certain questions you need to be asking yourself when considering the overall cost of the fit out. This could vary based on the scope and complexity of the project.

Aspects To Keep In View

Here are some of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to determining office fit out cost:

Using some of your existing furniture and features is one of the best ways to keep control on For example, if your office furniture is relatively new and doesn’t need replacement, a fresh coat of paint and minor renovation may do the trick.
Ask yourself whether you need to repurpose existing workstations, replace the flooring and lighting fixtures etc. These kinds of works can uplift the overall appeal and look of the space without breaking the bank.
If you are planning on getting new workstations or office furniture, consider whether you need a customised solutions or modular units. If you want to refurbish existing workstations, discuss these options with your joiner as well. Sometimes the addition of flexible partitions and a few office chairs may prove to be more affordable.
If you are getting a complete fit-out done, the square meterage ofthe space has bearing on the final cost of your office fit out.

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