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Sewage backups does not really happen all that often here in the Sunshine Coast. However, when it does, it can turn a peaceful home to full-on catastrophe.  Any sewage leak or outflow should be addressed immediately. Sewage outflows requires immediate professional service because it is not a light and easy task for one person to do; in fact, it can be very overwhelming for one person to do, especially without the proper knowledge and equipment. Flood Services is a sewage clean up company in Sunshine Coast that provides sewage cleaning services.

Flood Services is a premier company in the field of sewage clean up that provides high quality sewage cleaning solutions in the shortest amount of time possible. We provide a reliable 24/7 emergency sewage clean up services for properties located in Sunshine Coast, as we understand that sewage outbreaks should be addressed immediately. We guarantee that we will be there within an hour of your call.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians make sure that every trace of sewer is removed from your property, as well as fixing the root of the problem. They come fully-armed with latest and appropriate tools to come any sewage outbreak. We have vast experience In the sewage cleaning service field, which is why we offer services for both commercial and residential properties.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals For Sewage Clean Up in Sunshine Coast

We understand that sewage spills can be very overwhelming because they are very complicated to handle. It is best to hire professionals for this issue because we have the knowledge and equipment to handle this effectively. Below are a number of reasons why it is best to deal to hire professionals for sewage clean ups in Sunshine Coast:

  • Sewage spills can cause a significant amount of damage to your property, not only to the physical structures of your property, but it can have a devastating impact to your emotional state as well.
  • Sewage is full of waste that cause unpleasant odours and contamination.
  • Sewage water are full of bacteria and viruses that can act as a source of dangerous diseases.
  • Sewage can also cause other problems to build up, such as mould growth, etc.

Flood Services should be the first number you call when you’re facing sewage spills as it is necessary to address the problem straight away. You can call us at 07 5391 3572.

Cause of Sewage Leaks and Overflow

There are a number of possible cause to sewage leaks and overflow, including flood and storm water damage, leakage from older plumbing, blockages in the sewer pipes, or even accidental damage. It is never a good idea delay calling professionals for sewage clean up in Sunshine Coast, and it is absolutely a dangerous and costly idea to not call and leave it on its own. Once you notice a sewage spill, you should immediately grab your phone and call Flood Services.

We are Sunshine Coast’s very own sewage cleaning company that provides 24/7 sewage clean up services. Flood Services is determined to help you with your sewage spills at any given time and anywhere. Our team will be right at your door within an hour of your call and begin the process of sewage cleaning as soon as they arrive. The process of our sewage clean up uses a very methodological approach that has been proven to give optimum results. We identify the root of the problem and intervene before it causes any further damage. The sewage that has invaded your property will then be cleaned up and removed, before our team assesses the extent of the damage. We take every measure necessary to our work. We disinfect and decontaminate every trace of sewer in your property.

Why Choose us?

For prompt and effective sewage clean up services in Sunshine Coast, Flood Services is the company you should call. Feel free to contact us by phone on 07 5391 3572. You will also get a free quote online, when you enquire, so make sure you go get one now.


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Focused on human and professional values, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our services. We make it a point of honour to satisfy our customers and provide them with a service that meets their expectations. This is why our experts benefit from regular training on the tools and equipment used on the daily basis.

Thanks to our responsiveness, we are available to quickly respond to your sites and are attentive to any request or suggestion from our customers. Always with this goal of satisfaction, a customer service representative is available at all times. It is the interface between the customer and the field team to control the smooth running of the service and ensure quality control.

We are particularly vigilant when it comes to recruiting new staff. All of our employees must be in line with the values of our company – it is a top priority for us to respect the safety rules. Our technicians will arrive at your site within the hour with everything needed and perform in a safe and efficient manner. Our supervisors are always on the look to note the quality of cleaning and evaluate the progress to make corrective actions.

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