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Storm and Floods occurs at the most unexpected of times in Sunshine Coast. At such times, your property could turn from a calm and neutral situation, to a full-blown emergency situation. It is important to act as quick as possible at these times. Flood Services has a quick response system to help you with your storm and flood emergencies. Our team of experts will come with the manpower, restoration drying equipment, and the expertise to handle all sorts of storm & flood damages. In addition, the slightest plumbing issues can also cause further damage, and even serious flood issues. We recommend you call us straight away as soon as you notice the issue.

Our expert service for flood restoration covers all types of industries

We got your back with whatever problems you have, no matter what property you have. Whether it’s a private property, retail business, government or healthcare services, or part of an industrial sector, just give us a call whenever you’re facing storm or flood damage and we will make sure that your property will go back to the way it’s supposed to be as quick as possible, with minimal disruptions.

Why you should take floods seriously?

Although water might seem harmless, water can actually cause a significant amount of damage, especially to the physical features of your property. Water possesses an eroding ability that will harm walls and floors, it can weaken support beams, as well as giving carpets a nasty smell. Any form of water damage should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage.

Not only does water affect your property, it can affect you too. The emotional affect you receive from a flood or storm disaster could be very devastating. Water can quickly erase years’ worth of hard work by wiping out your property. At Flood Services, we ensure to relieve such burdens off you. We are a team of storm and flood restoration experts that guarantees the delivery of an excellent and timely service, from water extraction, drying surfaces, and even sewage cleaning.

The Phases of Flooding Restoration:

  1. Thorough inspection along with estimate of damage. This is the planning phase to carefully find the most appropriate form of intervention for total restoration of activities.
  2. Securing the goods untouched by water. Water can damage just almost anything in your property, even weakening its structural features. We limit the damage by recoverin and securing the items left untouched by floods/storms.
  3. Reclamation and rehabilitation of buildings and assets. We restore the natural environment of your property through specifically-designed solutions and using the most advanced of equipment.

Why Choose Flood Services?

Flood Services is always ready to take on your calls, especially in the case of emergencies, where you are experiencing storm and flood water damage to your property. Flood Services is available 24/7 and guarantees to be onsite within an hour of your call. We are the industrial leaders of the water damage restoration industry and we specialise in flood & storm damage restoration services.

Flood Services work with the major insurance companies in Australia. We’ll make sure that our team will guide you throughout the whole process, by assisting in handling claim process and communicating directly with these insurance companies to give you the full-package service. So make sure to have our number and call us whenever you need us to at 1 800 958 138


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If you have just experienced Water Damage or flood to your carpets, wood floors or require structural drying your building or contents insurance may cover all this. Just call Flood Services Australia today and we can help you in restoring your home or business. We can be onsite within the hour.

We work with all major insurance companies. We care and work for you in the best way we can. We assist in handling claim process and will communicate directly with insurance companies to make your experience with us as smooth as possible for your insurance claim.

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