The Best Ways To Prevent Mould Growth On Your Property


The Best Ways To Prevent Mould Growth On Your Property


Mould growth takes place in humid and warm conditions. The mould spores can spread rapidly and create health problems too. The best way to prevent this is to notice the signs on time and treat the issue without delay.

We at Flood Services provide customized mould treatment and remediation services to commercial and residential clients. We know what it takes to offer the best services at the best pricing. Here is some important information on how to avoid mould growth in your home.


Avoid Mould Growth: Some Tips


  • Keep your home well ventilated as it facilitates air to circulate freely and helps moist or damp areas in the premises to dry out quickly.
  • Immediately address any leakages in your home, whether from roofs, taps or water pipes. If ignored, it creates ideal conditions for mould to start in different places and spread.
  • Make your home as clutter-free as possible because cluttered spaces are conducive to the build-up of moisture and air stagnation.
  • Light up dark areas by installing skylights.
  • Place drainage pipes away from your home and ensure that downpipes drain into soak-wells.



Removal Of Mould And Its Treatment



You may not be bothered about the mould, but it is not a simple problem.  It can emit a foul smell and is a health risk too. The treatment involves the following:


  • Inspectingthe mould affected area
  • Identifying mould species
  • Treating the area with chemicals
  • Dryingthe affected area by strategically deploying specialised drying
  • Concealing the area in case of severe problems


We make use of the latest tools & equipment in our work in order to provide you with detailed mould growth treatment services. The priority is to ensure that our solutions should meet your needs and help maintain the integrity of the features on your property.


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